Martha Martinez, Chief Administrative Officer



The Bureau of Administration is committed to developing, coordinating and managing programs to enable County departments to better serve the

residents of Cook County in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


Fulfills the duties of the Chief Administrative Officerauthorized by state statute (55 ILCS 5/3-14006-14008)

Key Activities and Services

  • Assists and supports the following Bureau of Administration (BOA) departments with issues related to policy, personnel, procurement, budget, and technology: Adoption & Family Supportive Services, Animal & Rabies Control, Environmental Control, Department of Transportation and Highways, Law Library, Medical Examiner, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • Administers Countywide activities including Printing and Graphic Services, Fleet Management, Industrial Engineering, Records Management, Child Support Enforcement and Veterans Affairs; all of which provide significant support services to all County departments and elected officials.

Discussion of 2017 Department and Program Outcomes 

Fleet Management continues to work and improve the vehicle violations process with all departments. Fleet Management has worked to reduce outstanding violations total in agencies throughout the County.

The Shared Fleet Program continues to strive to be more fuel efficient. In FY 17, it added an additional three Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicles to the program, bringing the total count to eight Ford Fusion Hybrid sedans. In addition, Shared Fleet continues to grow among registered County users. There are approximately 800 enrolled County employees. Projected enrollment for FY 18 is 900 members.

Records Management Records Management has identified a coordinator from every department Countywide, which helped bring the number of non-compliant Applications on file with the State to 12 from 21 in 2016. Records Management continues to work with the Bureau of Finance and the Bureau of Asset Management to bring all departments under these Bureaus into compliance with the Local Records Act. It has also held 17 trainings. In addition, Records Management continues to bring awareness of records compliance to the other elected officials, especially those with records located in the warehouses.

Printing and Graphic Services is undergoing a consolidation that will significantly enhance the efficiency of its operations. The print shop at 69 W. Washington is in the process of relocating to the print shop at 2323 S. Rockwell in an effort to increase efficiencies. This will also create additional revenue for Cook County from the rental of the vacated space in 69 W. Washington.

Budget, Cost Analysis and 2018 Strategic Initiatives and Goals

Procure a new Fleet Management System that will serve the entire County fleet. The system will provide better reporting, fuel tracking, maintenance cost tracking, and utilization. The goal is to have a comprehensive system that will provide us real time data so we can better run fleet operations and produce cost savings.

Continue running the shared fleet program in the most fuel efficient manner, BOA will procure three more Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicles and remove three older vehicles. Having a newer, more fuel and cost efficient fleet will reduce maintenance costs and provide longer life of the vehicles. The BOA is working with Procurement on putting out for a bid to secure a Fleet Sharing program. In order to continue providing countywide services to over 750 employees and growing, 39 departments, having a fleet sharing system is vital to continue operating in an efficient manner so employee can have access to vehicles to perform county work.

Work to ensure that all Bureaus and Departments are in compliance with the Local Records Act and ensure business continuity/disaster recovery policy compliance for all Cook County records. Ensuring departments dispose records as soon as they are eligible will reduce the amount of storage space needed and litigation liability. Reducing records space will eventually allow the County to reduce the number of storage facilities. In addition, Records Management is working to ensure all departments are participating in the Paper Recycling Program.

Complete Printing and Graphics Services space consolidation/relocation project and purchase and install new printers.

Veteran Affairs to expand network of internal and external outreach in order to increase veteran participation. Expand partnership with other Cook County elected officials and Federal and State veteran organizations; provide a monthly newsletter with current veteran-related information and updates regarding new and changing laws, resources, workshops, and events that impact our veteran community. The funding for the Veterans Assistance Commission was reduced. In order to increase efficiencies, the Director of Veterans Affairs will work closer with the VAC to align County resources to better serve veterans.

2018 Strategic Initiatives:

  • Fleet Management along with the Sheriff’s Officewill procure and implement a new Countywide Fleet Management system in order toimprove tracking of vehicle inventory, costs, and usage.
  • Fleet Management will work with Bureau ofTechnology and Bureau of Finance to incorporate GPS devices in all Countypassenger and light duty vehicles.
  • Records Management will monitor the number ofdisposal certificates Countywide that are approved by the Illinois LocalRecords Commission. This initiativefurthers the County’s goal of reducing overall space.

Budget and Full Time Employee Data