The mission of the Office of Contract Compliance (OCC) is to ensure the full and equitable participation of minority- and women-owned businesses in the procurement process as both prime and sub-contractors for Cook County and Cook County Health and Hospital Systems (CCHHS). In an effort to accomplish our mission the OCC seeks greater inclusion of MBE/WBE and VBEs on County and CCHHS contracts by conducting outreach activities to the business community about the County’s Program. We strive to certify bona-fide Minority, Women, Veteran, and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/VBE/SDVBEs) and to ensure that all contracts comply with the Cook County MBE/WBE Ordinance (the Program).


The OCC operates in accordance with the Cook County Ordinance Sec.34-237 – 238; Sec. 34-260 - Sec. 34-300.1

Key Activities and Services

  • Formulates, proposes and implements rules and regulations
  • Provides information and assistance to PCE’s and Small Businesses
  • Serves as a liaison to community, contractor, professional and supplier groups, and associations and organizations
  • Establishes uniform procedures and criteria for certification process and maintains a directory of Certified PCEs
  • Establishes Contract Specific Goals
  • Provides assistance to Using Agencies to facilitate participation
  • Reviews, approves or rejects Utilization Plans for achievement of Contract Specific Goals
  • Monitors contracts to evaluate compliance
  • Monitors contracts to ensure compliance with Sec. 24-388, Prompt Payment of PCEs
  • Receives, reviews and acts upon complaints and suggestions concerning the Program
  • Monitors the Program and the County’s progress towards the Program Goals
  • Reports on the Program on a quarterly and annual basis to the President and to the CCC, at its request

Discussion of 2017 Department and Program Outcomes 

Our office continues to improve the processing time for M/W/VBE certification applications. In FY 2016, our average processing time was 130 days. As of June of 2017, we averaged 104 days, that’s a 20% decrease in processing time. In FY 2018, will strive to continue processing applications more efficiently and under 100 days. One way we are confident we can do so is by implementing a green initiative, which removes the printing time as well as lowers our carbon footprint.

On an annual basis, our office reports actual and awarded M/WBE contract participation. MBE/WBE participation has steadily increased over the past three fiscal years. In the most recent Business Diversity Report for FY16, M/WBE participation represented 30% of contract payments made in the fiscal year; and 24% of contracts awarded that same year presented M/WBE participation. CCHHS awarded 12% of contracts to M/WBEs and 9%of contract payments were made to M/WBEs.

Budget, Cost Analysis and 2018 Strategic Initiatives and Goals

The largest dollar increase in the OCC budget is salary and wages by 5%. No new hires were made in 2016, despite having one vacancy that is anticipated to be filled in FY2018. Strategic initiatives for OCC in FY18 include:

  • The implementation of setting contract-specific goals module
  • Green initiative
  • Strategic outreach to MBE, WBEs, VBE, SDVBEs and other small businesses

Budget and Full Time Employee Data